Fortunate to have documented our relationship, it's only recently I've started going through some video footage.  Sharing a few here. Many more to come... 

hearing and Seeing avery for the first time

A very beautiful and emotional day! 

Dancing with Titi

Always good time when together, they wasted no time to make fun of me while busting a move! 

sliding down silly

Always around the house daring each other to do silly things


Never got to go Upstate as much as we wanted, so when the kids saw Uncle Tim, they went bananas!! 

convo with avery on spyhill

In our home in Beacon, being on the hammock was his favorite place!  Once Avery was born, this is where he would bring him to some father/son alone time.  Here I found this video of him having a convo with Avery.

Katie and angie - it's on!!!!

Also one of the last videos with Tim.  After a visit to Katie and Angie's in Boston, Tim was ready to throw down! :-) 

Tim's Piano Recital

This one is beautiful and sweet.  Tim getting back into piano lessons participated in a final recital.  The funny thing was Tim was the only adult. Most of the kids playing were 5 or 6 years old.  He was soooo serious about it! lol