In looking back just over 6 years ago when I was introduced to Tim...I still remember just how electrifying he made the room.  He had a presence, a gift that just had everyone in the room on their 'feet' with excitement.  He joked as if he knew us all for decades.  Life long friends. I left this work meeting remembering how great it was to meet someone that held so much passion and knowledge for what he was doing. He loved it! Tim and I continued to stay in touch for our work related follow ups and quickly built a friendship. What I always remember about Tim is that I never saw Tim angry or really upset.  He was always smiling ear to ear -- laughing.  Bringing others into the 'fun' of LIFE along with him.  As I came to know Tim more and understand his past life events I came to see him more as an inspiration of how to live, love and enjoy existing! Tim began to talk about Jose and their relationship quickly after we became friends and how it had changed him. Just mentioning the word Jose to Tim and his eyes lit up---he smiled so brilliantly at the promise of what he knew would be and was! I remember one work event that Tim and I attended and we spent the week sitting by each other each day and Tim began to talk about having a child. What it meant to him, how it scared him.  Very raw, true emotions and discussions were had that week. In all of that Tim's assessment of his situation with Jose and the promise and desire of a family was...'what the hell am I holding back for ... its time to do this and have a baby!!'  

I remember the discussion Tim and I had on this like it was yesterday...I can see Tim's animation, his smile, I can see his eyes and how they simply changed at the prospect of having a child. As Tim and Jose began the process time flew by and Tim and I came together again...another work related, industry event and nearly ready for their first baby...little Avery Walker. Tim sent out pictures, birth announcements and I just can't even describe how he changed...he was different...he and Jose were parents, married...things he always wanted, things he never thought he could or would have.  He had it -- he had life, he had love, he had a baby now! He was even more radiant, more energized on life!! Living. Loving his family. Avery was maybe 3 months old at this time and Tim was just in the clouds -- over the moon in love with his life! His family.  

I still remember the last time I saw Tim...we met for drinks in NYC after work and it was just the usual...walk in Tim is smiling ear to ear -- lit up and just so magnetic! We spent the entire time talking about Jose, Avery the thought of having more kids --- how scary that was --- would be! I remember saying to Tim...remember how scary it was to have Avery doesn't it scare you to do this again? His response was, never...everyday with Avery with our family makes me see...follow your heart follow your dream and what will be--will happen. 

I could write for days about Tim...I have honestly never met anyone like him.  He was a genuine, unique soul. I hate thinking about the moment, the day I received the call to call one of his co-workers immediately.  I was sitting at work in a video meeting. I knew and had a gut feeling something was amiss. I called her and the news was relayed...I nearly collapsed. I can't imagine the feelings Jose, Tim's family and closest friends and co-workers lived through. The next days were surreal...replaying Tim in my head. Attending Tim's service and celebration of life was nothing short of amazing. I was able to meet Jose and Avery for the first time -- see the family both the new and the lifelong that made Tim who he is who he was.  See how many people felt so similar about Tim and his heart, his life. 

I have had the privilege of being able to stay in touch with Jose and watch him raise their family even if just virtually for the most part...Avery, Lilah, London, Sasha, Nala, Kathy Griffin...watching Tim's family grow and adjust to a life that they never will know should have been.Yet, living life as Tim would expect them to. Jose you are doing an amazing job and it does take a village and you have that!!  

Today I remember Tim...I remember Tim so often! I remember his smile, his eyes and how bright they always were.  I remember receiving the news of the passing of a life lived well -- yet far too short! I constantly think about Jose, the children and how Jose will move onto new love and new adventures with a family that has to be!  Tim wants that, Tim would demand it!!! 

I will always remember Tim's dash...for that is the definition of who he is and who he was.  For its not the beginning and the end we should remember---its how we live, its how HE lived!  A life lived well.  Tim you are gone from us...but my friend, you are NEVER forgotten and NEVER will be.