Dear Avery, Lilah, and London,

I met your dad at Syracuse University 1984.  We lived on the same floor 3C Flint Hall. He was skinny and had a very bad mustache when I first met him! Over the 4 years at SU, Tim became one of my best friends. He even arranged for the first date I had with my now husband!! We shared lots of laughs - he made me laugh all the time! And he was also there for me during tough times when I couldn't afford to go anywhere for spring brewak (including going home to Chicago), Tim came and hung out with me.  We also lived in a house together on Cape Cod during 1986 summer.  We als0 worked as prep cooks at a pizza parlor in Dennisport.  We had an awful boss, "Rita", who we always made fun of! 

If there is one lesson I have learned it is you don't take friendships for granted.  Tim and I lost touch while I was raising my family in NJ and he was conquering finance in NYC.  But we reconnected a few years ago.  When we talked on the phone, it was like we never lost touch.  That's a sign of true friends.  We kept trying to get together but it never worked out.  My biggest regret is not making it happen.  I loved your dad.  I don't even know if he knew how much he meant to me. 

Your dad's greatest feature was his smile.  And I can see from all of your pictures that you (Avery) too, have that same amazing, joyful, smile.  I am thankful that you will cary Tim's light forward with it.  

Much Love,

Tina Avallone