My memories of Tim are many... From fabulous parties at the lofts, to fun drunk nights in the city, to planning the trip to South Africa or just hanging out with our friends. But the real memory of Tim that I hold closest is his laugh (and his beautiful smile). I can't say that there are many people in my life whose laugh comes through so clearly in my memory- not the way Tim's does. He laughed with his heart and his good nature always came across.

Whether it was when Tim & Jose first met and there was so much joy that passed between them (and a fair amount of teasing) or at their beautiful wedding or when they told me that they were going to try to have a kid... When Tim was in the room there was always laughter. His laugh filled the room and everyone around him felt his joy for life!

But certainly I think that Tim smiled and laughed most after Avery was born. He took to being a dad in a way that I think even surprised him. And he could be found sitting and holding Avery for hours with a smile that lit up the room and a laugh that let everyone around him know just how happy he was.

I miss you Tim and I'm so glad you were in my life... even though it wasn't long enough. Your smile and laughter live on in Avery. I so clearly see you in him!

Thank you for all of the light, love and laughter you brought to all of our lives!