Guy David

I took Tim to Le Marais in Paris, a beautiful quarter in the center of Paris which also is the place with gay bars. We took one last drink and missed the last metro. I had forgotten how absurd it is to be in the streets of Paris on Saturday night after 2am: just impossible to get a taxi, everyone walks everywhere and you try to be the first when you see a taxi. So we walked, Tim's hotel was in the 18th arrondissement, in Montmartre, and I live in the 17th, very close. It would take us about one hour. And it was in fact very pleasant. We spoke. And there were others on the streets walking. Tim wanted to piss and he felt very unsure about the treeI proposed to him. I had to warn him if any one was coming. And just when he started to piss, there was something like a dozen kids who came from nowhere, from the corner, and walked passed him. It was just like unreal, all of a sudden, a crowd, and only just then.

My second thought is shorter: I just loved during our stupid conferences to get an sms from Tim saying "Behave!"