You are missed. I'm not sure I will ever make sense of you leaving this world when you did. I try to think of you as an angel of God and that some sort of balance is restored having a beautiful, pure, kind, happy, peaceful should like you watching over us. I promise you I will be there for Jose and Avery for as long as I live. Loving them and supporting them through anything and everything. I pray to find a love like you and Jose had fro one another and the love you had for Avery. To witness that kind of love and commitment has change me. Your passing won't be in vein. I will try to experience life as you did. Fearlessly and open to all life's adventures and experiences.

It comforts me to close my eyes and think of the Jose success that he's worked so hard for and to visualize Avery as an adult being in love and growing to be beautiful kind man and pure reflection of you. Avery will feel loved everyday of his life and although you won't be physically present for his first words, his first love, his firs bruise or broken heart - he will carry you with him everyday and he will smile brighter because of that and cope because of the strength that you and Jose shared. I wish you could've told you how much i appreciate you and what you've given to my best friend. I hope he doesn't lose that light he has always carried. Please tell him you're OK, help him find peace in this tragedy. I will see you 60+ years! I hope you'll greet me into heaven with that infectious smile.

Your husband's #workwife, Roey