Dear Tim, 

A moment that we shared that I loved was when you and Jose started dating.  We were introduced and we talked for quite a while and I asked, “you want to have some fun and play a little trick on Jose?” With a sparkle in your eye and a mischievous smile you agreed and I knew I had a partner in crime!

I told you that Jose for sure would ask what we had talked about…and to act awkward. I don’t think I made it home before Jose rang my phone, “WHAT DID YOU SAY TO HIM?!!!” He was so turned up and we couldn’t even convince him it was a joke! It was so funny. From that moment on we had a brotherhood based on knowing Jose’s “attributes.” And on my visits we would look at each other with devilish smiles when Jose wasn’t watching…or when he was! And your eyes sparkled.

I also remember how sweet and caring you were after my father passed. You really comforted me. You left the world too soon and your son Avery, 8 months old, cracked open this busy guy’s heart and taught me to slow down, to play and to love. Two of my favorite things about him are the sparkle in his eye and devilish half smile that appears on his face when his wheels are turning…both gifts from you that remain here so that we think of you often.